Top 5 Benefits of Air Conditioning

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Top 5 Benefits of Air Conditioning

For some the increased heat and humidity of long summer months can cause an array of health issues. Air conditioning is ideal for living comfortably throughout the heat of summer, but it can provide more than just comfort to you and your family.

Better Control Over Humidity

High humidity can cause a range of problems for you and your house, but in warmer months the risks are far greater. Heat and humidity when combined can make it harder for the body to naturally cool itself and can make air feel thick and heavy for those suffering with COPD, asthma, and other respiratory related issues. Running your air conditioner helps remove humidity from the air inside as one of the very first steps to cooling the air around you.

Sleep Better

Several studies have been completed directly linking the temperature of your room to the quality of your sleep and there are multiple reasons behind this. One of the most interesting being that rooms between 60-68 degrees actually stimulate the production of melatonin. It’s also helpful to not be sweating when you’re trying to fall asleep.

Safer Than Window Units

Although window air conditioners can take some of the heat out of a room they come with their own risks. Window AC units can promote mold growth (inside of the unit) which can trigger allergies. They also decrease the security of your home. Window units are easily removed from outside and inside whether they are properly fastened or not. In some areas, window air conditioners have been tied to burglaries and some home owners have even reported that their children and even pets have accidentally knocked them out of the window.

No More Open Windows

Relying on a night time breeze once in a while is fine, but leaving windows open all summer long can invite unwanted pests, pollen, dirt/dust, and noise.


The most obvious benefit to central air conditioning is the overwhelming increase in comfort you’ll feel with regulated temperatures all year round. No one wants to keep their house closed up all twelve months of the year, but having the option to regulate comfort indoors when temperatures and humidity skyrocket is important.

Having an air conditioner installed in your house is easier than ever and with new technology available we can also bring comfort to those with boiler systems or baseboard heat. Ductwork is no longer mandatory when it comes to having reliable temperature control all summer long.

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