Heating & Cooling Installation Services

Heating and Cooling installationAt RGM Comfort Systems, we’re the go-to choice for installation services in every category of HVAC systems! From small residential central air conditioning units, to large commercial furnaces, boilers, and so much more – we can do it all!

We’ve been in business for over 30 years, and our team of experienced and professional technicians can handle installation jobs of any kind. Learn more about our services below!

What We Install – Our Services

You can trust us for jobs of any size. Here are just a few of our installation services:

  • Furnaces – From smaller, electric home furnaces, to industrial-sized gas furnaces for commercial buildings, we can install furnaces of all types. You can purchase your unit directly from us, or contract us to install a furnace purchased from a third party.
  • A/C units – We’re central A/C specialists. We can handle the installation of new A/C units, ductwork, and so much more!
  • Air purifiers – Air purifiers are essential for maintaining a healthy environment in your home or business. RGM Comfort Systems can install and maintain all major air purifier systems.
  • Boilers – Boiler installation is a complex process, involving both HVAC and plumbing expertise. But at RGM Comfort Systems, our team makes quick work out of installing even the largest boilers!
  • Hot water tanks – We can install hot water tanks, as well as tankless water heating systems of any kind.
  • Fireplaces – From gas fireplaces, to stoves, traditional wood-burning fireplaces and more, RGM Comfort Systems specializes in the installation of modern fireplace systems for both homes and businesses.
  • Thermostats – A new thermostat can help reduce your power bill dramatically, by maximizing heating and cooling efficiency.
  • Ductwork installation/repair – We can install, service, and modify all kinds of ductwork to maximize the efficiency of your new HVAC solution.
  • Gas and electrical line servicing – RGM Comfort Systems can move and install electrical and gas lines for new HVAC systems, making us the best all-in-one choice for you!

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Whether you need installation of a new system, 24/7 emergency service, or other services such as duct cleaning or dryer vent cleaning, RGM Comfort Systems is here to help. Call (716) 433-0520 and learn about our rates – and our customer satisfaction guarantee! 


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